E-Fisheries: Reducing Feeding Cost Up to 21%

E-Fisheries: Reducing Feeding Cost Up to 21%

In Bangladesh, one of the major costs of fish farming is the feeding cost which compromises of 70-79% of the total cost. Due to overfeeding and high feed conversion ratio (FCR) the farmers incur unnecessary cost. 'E-Fisheries' is the solution which reduces up to 21% of the feeding cost and thus boosting profit.

'E-Fishery' is providing an integrated feeding solution for fish and shrimp farming using smart technologies.

The machine automatically starts feeding after sensing the fish's appetite. Additionally, as it is connected to the Internet it can adjust the amount of food to be provided depending on the appetite of the fish. Besides, the fish farmers can control fish/shrimp feeding performance directly from their smartphone or laptop, anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, it creates a database recording daily food consumption and temperature, which can be monitored by experts for giving suggestions accordingly. Interestingly, it is also convenient for handling the business remotely. It reduces the labor cost up to 30% by ensuring less or no water quality deterioration, resulting in optimum feeding mechanism. The price of the machine is approximately BDT 1, 00,000-1, 10,000 and the payback period for the machine will be around 1 to 1.2 years. The lifetime of the machine is also around five years or more. ACI will start the marketing of 'e-Fishery' from the month of April.

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eFishery's automatic smart feeder uses sensors to detect hungry fish behavior and dispense the right amount of feed.
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BIOLIFE, Volume-01, Issue-57, February 2017
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