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Operated by ACI Logistics Limited, Shwapno is the top retail brand in Bangladesh. As the largest retail chain in the country, Shwapno touches the lives of over 35,000 households each day. ACI Logistics made its entry into retail in 2008 as “Fresh and Near” in order to fulfill the company’s “Seed to Shelf” vision of connecting farmers directly with consumers.

Shwapno is well set to become one of Bangladesh’s largest businesses in the coming years

Starting off with fresh produce and daily household needs, Shwapno outlets now carry everything from apparel, home décor, electronics and much more. This includes a number of grocery private label brands as well as the in-house fashion label Shwapno Life. Today, Shwapno operates 56 outlets across Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and Comilla, with a total retail space of 310,000 square feet and a workforce of over 2,500. Shwapno operates multiple outlet formats from small convenience stores to large megamall layouts (ranging from 1,500 to 27,000 square feet), providing the ideal experience for customers in each location. The company has been successful in reaching its position as market leader (with 45% market share) not only because of the exceptional quality, value, convenience and service it offers customers, but because Shwapno has been successful in developing a truly world class retail architecture and shopping experience for the first time in the country.


At the heart of the Shwapno vision is the passion to make a positive impact on the lives of many. From the beginning, Shwapno set off to drastically change the way in which the mass consumer base in the country fulfills its daily needs, brining modern retail into the lives of consumers that had for long relied on wet markets and other unsafe traditional shopping channels. Beyond ensuring the quality of its own products, Shwapno has been a major advocate in the movement for healthy living, carrying out numerous campaigns on nutrition and food safety. To ensure it carries only the freshest fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, ACI Logistics has developed a sourcing network with growers across the country, and today 65% of Shwapno’s fresh produce is procured directly from source. The company achieved a major milestone in 2016 by joining Global G.A.P., the leading private sector body addressing the crucial objectives of ensuring safe, sustainable agriculture worldwide. Through its membership with Global G.A.P., Shwapno is not only further improving the quality of its products, but is also working for the wellbeing of the growers across the country.

Market Presence

Shwapno was initially focused on the price sensitive customer base, but after years of steady growth of its conventional retail and other channels, the company now serves a diverse market covering many segments. The Shwapno brand itself has evolved over this journey, and today is shifting its focus from value to nurturing aspiration. By delivering excellent service and through award winning communication campaigns, Shwapno has become the most recognized and trusted retail name in the country, an achievement that was reflected with the awarding of the Best Retail Brand award by Bangladesh Brand Forum in 2016.
With 600,000 registered customers, 2500 colleagues, and thousands of suppliers and growers, Shwapno has a large footprint across the country. While continuing to expand its primary retail operations, raising standards and customers’ expectations, as well as exploring new frontiers such as E-commerce, the company is well set to become one of Bangladesh’s largest businesses in the coming years.

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