Surface Care

Providing exemplary care of household surfaces

Consists of a Wide Array of Products

Operating under 3 Different Brands

Deals with even the Toughest Dirt, Protecting Original Paints

Surface Care

ACI’s Surface Care category consists of a wide array of products, operating under 3 different brands- Shinex, Septex, and Robo- each offering distinct benefits. Shinex comprises of a surfactant based floor cleaner enriched with natural pine disinfectant, as well as a glass cleaner enriched with ammonia-free formula which ensures cutting through grease, grime and window film without causing any damage. Septex is an all-round antibacterial floor cleaning solution which provides clean floors with refreshing fragrance while killing all the harmful germs as it contains powerful antibacterial agent B.K.C. It comes in 5 delightful fragrances and is available in both 1 liter and 500 ml pack sizes. ROBO is a car shampoo with wax that deals with even the toughest dirt, protecting original paints and leaving a shiny effect offered by its wax properties.

Fully committed to bolster the strong reputation that ACI has so diligently worked to build over the years

ACI’s Surface Care products are equally available in both retail and superstore outlets, with Robo Car Shampoo also being available in car accessories shops. Activations are carried out in regular frequency to ensure maximum reach in outlets. The products of this category are competitively priced keeping the affordability of customers in mind.

Market Presence

Surface Care is a growing category at ACI with immense potential. The category consists of first-rate products that have already been able to create a unique position for themselves in the minds of customers. Since the usage of these products are largely limited to customers in the urban areas, well-focused activities are carried out in those regions.


With the promise of providing exemplary care of household surfaces, ACI introduced its Surface Care category in 2008; and at the end of 2015, ACI took a step up by launching Septex Floor Cleaner. The category is fully committed to bolster the strong reputation that ACI has so diligently worked to build over the years.

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