Mission is Attaining Market Leadership Position in Rice Industry

Attaining Effective and Efficient Productivity

Bringing Innovations and Novelty in the Rice Business Structure of Bangladesh

Production Capability of 32 MT per Hour of Distinct types of Rice


After creating success stories in commodity industry ACI Consumer Brands has pioneered in setting new standards in rice industry of Bangladesh. This largest commodity sector was somewhat unstructured till now and product standardization was not there, distribution and supply-chain had challenges. Moreover, confusion among the consumers about the products has hindered the branding scope.
The management team operates under the leadership of Anup Kumar Saha (Business Director, ACI Foods Limited- Rice Unit) and Abanti Kumar Sarkar (General Manager, ACI Foods Limited- Rice Unit). Moinur Rahman (Business Operation Manager) is responsible for the marketing operations of the business.

The business has achieved around 350 million in the second quarter of 2016

The mission of the business is to provide good quality rice to the consumers and bring extensive progression in the rice industry of Bangladesh.The vision that subsidizes the mission is attaining market leadership position in rice industry, attaining effective and efficient productivity in case of background operations and bringing innovations and novelty in the rice business structure of Bangladesh, contributing to the rice industry through consistent quality products and services.Values includes quality product, sustainable customer trust, consistent customer service, virtuous stakeholder relationship.

The product categories include-
  • GutiShwarma
  • Guti
  • Paizam
  • Pariza
  • Minikate
  • Nazirshail
  • Low GI

The QC team is constantly working on finding new variants of rice and developing the current variants. The innovations include introducing the Pariza rice (variant of Paizam). The factory is situated in Naogaon with the current production capability of 32 MT per hour of distinct types of rice. This results in yearly production capability of 28 million MT per year. The processing is done with the best quality machines of Buhler. The raw paddy collection is done selectively, per boiled is done with purified water, packaging is made by food graded poly/jute bags and the drying process is fully automated.

Our Market Presence

Being a new business the market share has just started to grow in Bangladesh. The distribution network is spread to all the districts of the country. The business has achieved around 350 million in the second quarter of 2016. The product has achieved almost 116% of the budget within this period.
The biggest dealers distribute our products in large quantities. The paddy is procured from the best farmers of the country on seasonal basis and stored for later production.

Item Available SKUs
ACI Pure Premium Najirshail Rice 10 kg
ACI Pure Premium Minikate Rice 10 kg, 5 kg
ACI Aromatic Basmati Rice 1 kg Gift Box
ACI Pure Premium Chinigura Rice 1 kg
ACI Nutrilife Low GI Rice 1 kg
ACI Pure Premium Najirshail Rice

ACI Pure Premium Minikate Rice

ACI Pure Premium Minikate is the finest minikate rice available in the market.

ACI Aromatic Basmati Rice

ACI Pure Premium Chinigura Rice

ACI Nutrilife Low GI Rice

A low GI diet can help to improve Type 2 Diabetes Melitus management and to reduce bad cholesterol levels and chance of contracting heart diseases.

Corporate Contact
Head Office
Novo Tower, Level-14, 270 Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka