Kitchen Care

"Premium Dishwashing Solution for Kitchen"

Kills Toughest Germs found in Utensils & Dish Sponges

Enriched with 10 SKUs under 4 Product Categories

Ensure Good Hygiene Practice among the People of Bangladesh

Kitchen Care

Wonder Dish Wash is a premium dishwashing solution from the house of ACI offering the best quality and value for money. Its attractive design, long lasting performance & fast-cleaning ability made it a brand of choice in the market. Considering the increased hygiene consciousness among the people of Bangladesh, we launched first of its kind in the category, Septex Dish Wash Bar that not only cleans but also kills toughest germs found in utensils & dish sponges. Kitchen Care Portfolio is enriched with 10 SKUs under four product categories –Dish Wash Powder, Dish Wash Bar, Dish Wash Liquid and Stainless Steel Scrubber. This wide range of products has enabled Wonder Dish Wash to provide Premium Dish Wash Solution for not only the dishes but also for other related utensils used in a kitchen.

Premium Dish Wash Solution for not only the dishes but also for other related utensils used in a kitchen.

Wonder Dish Wash products are available in all Retail Outlets, General and Departmental Stores and Super Shops. Mass awareness campaigns in both ATL and BTL media have significantly increased the brand’s growth. Free sampling and trial generation activities are conducted regularly to communicate the superior product quality.

Market Presence

Wonder is an emerging brand in its category. We have a diverse range of products starting from basic category product Wonder Dish Wash Powder for low income group to the premium product Wonder Dish Wash Liquid for upper income group and Septex Dish Wash Bar with antibacterial properties for more hygiene conscious users.This has enabled Wonder to capture a share of consumer mind in a short time frame.


To ensure good hygiene practice among the Bangladeshi people, ACI launched Wonder Dish Wash in 2013 under the Kitchen Care Category. ACI is always trusted by the consumers for its excellent product superiority. The product superiority of Wonder Dish Wash is committed to maintain that level while trying to further increase the trust of the consumers through innovative product introduction on a timely manner.

Item Available SKUs
Wonder Dish Wash Powder 500g (poly pouch), 500g (jar)
Wonder Dish Wash Bar 125g, 325g
Wonder Dish Wash Liquid 500ml (container), 250ml (refill pouch)
Wonder Stainless Steel Scrubber Jumbo size
Septex Dish Wash Bar 200g, 325g
Wonder Dish-wash Bar

Septex Dish Wash Bar

Wonder Antibacterial Dish-wash Liquid

Wonder Dish-wash powder

Wonder Stainless Steel Scrubber

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