One of the Largest Flour Producing Companies in Bangladesh

Country’s First Laminated Packaging in Flour Products

Adopting State-of-the-art Technology

Delivering Healthiest, Purest and Most Hygienic Flour


ACI Pure Flour Limited is one of the largest flour producing companies in Bangladesh delivering healthiest, purest and most hygienic flour by adopting State of the art technology.

Atta, Maida, Suji, Multigrain Atta and Brown Atta

ACI Pure Flour Limited is a Subsidiary of ACI Limited, established in 2008. The mission of ACI Pure Flour Limited (APFL) is to capture the demand and supply of wheat based product in Bangladesh. Within a very short span of time the brand 'ACI PURE' has become consumers' morning bell and the most familiar brand in the day to day life of the consumers and snatched a unique position overtaking all other players in the market.

Double digit growth with constant quality maintenance has made ACI Pure brand a huge success and made it a household product overnight. APFL believes that our business helps to drive the engine of economic development, and this has helped us to attain a remarkable position in the industry.


Ata Moyda Suji

ACI Pure Flour Limited introduced the country’s first laminated packaging in flour products. APFL provides the largest arrays of diversified products and proved itself as the most innovative company in the flour industry by providing Multigrain Atta, Brown Atta, Parata Maida, Suji Mix, etc; apart from the regular all-purpose flour. We are the only company who is working to build the category of in the industry. Atta, Maida, Suji, Multigrain Atta and Brown Atta is now trending as separate category as we paved the way. We become leader in the segment of Suji and Brown Atta

Apart from product innovation the company continues to be the trend setter in the industry in innovative marketing campaigns and activations. The brand ACI Pure Brown Atta has been promoted to doctors and health practitioners and made them brand-advocates. ACI Pure Brown Atta is the market leader in healthy atta category. ACI Nurtrilife Multigrain Atta is one of a kind product that provides multiple health benefits. The company also provides the finest quality Suji with premium price and also introduced Instant Suji Mix which is also a remarkable innovation. We are inspiring the mothers to feed their babies natural food instead of process food. The company continues to keep its market share in retail market and became number one in the modern trade.

Manufacturing facilities

ACI Pure Flour Limited has its own factory in Dewli, Chourapara, Bandar, Narayangonj having production capacity of 300 mt per day. ACI Pure Flour is using World famous European Technology “Ocrim Machine” for its production which is completely automated. Itcontinues toutilizeits100%capacity for consecutive years since the inception and penetrated all sorts of markets, consumers and institutions.

The company has managed to built-up capacity of 450 mt per day in early 2016 by taking a state-of –the-art European factory on lease in Fauzdarhat, Chittagong which has given us strength to grow further. ACI Pure Flour is supported by well-qualified technical team of astute technocrats, business oriented professionals and diligent workers, who are highly experienced and have a thorough knowledge in the relevant field. The team is capable of delivering the best quality products to satisfy the customer demands and specifications.

Market Presence

ACI Pure Flour Limited (APFL) is proud to be the one of the most successful businesses in ACI. The company has shown phenomenal performance over the years since its commencement. Not only with the top-line and bottom-line, the company has been outstanding in performing in every divisions of its operations having market share of 30 percent.

Despite of sharp decline in global and local price, fierce competition of major brands, new entrants, the company registered itsvalue& volume growth over the years.Intelligent operations in production, supply-chain and distribution, procurement, sales and marketing made it happen.

The company remains pretty optimistic in long-term prospects of this industry due to economic growth and the continuous transition of the consumption of loose products to branded consumer pack products in its key markets.The companywishes to continue to invest and strengthen its distribution networks, focus on brand building, product and packaging development and innovation, increase retail penetration, and introduce new products to become market leader.

Products Quantity
ACI Pure Atta 1 Kg
ACI Pure Atta 2 Kg
ACI Pure Maida 1 Kg
ACI Pure Maida 2 Kg
ACI Pure Suji 500 gm
ACI Pure Suji 200 gm
ACI Pure Brown Atta 1 Kg
ACI Nutrilife Multigrain Atta 2 Kg
ACI Pure Suji

From children to adults, ACI Pure Suji, is a treat to the taste bud.

ACI Pure Maida

The finely milled ACI Pure Maida kneads the best bread, cakes, roti, parathas and puris and lots more.

ACI Pure Atta

Handpicked from the finest quality paddy, ACI Pure Atta totally lives up to its title.

ACI Pure Brown Atta

ACI Pure Brown Atta has less carbohydrate but good amount of minerals, protein, fiber and anti-oxidant which helps to control diabetes and colon cancer

ACI Nutrilife Multigrain Atta

The ACI Nutrilife Multigrain Atta is the perfect breakfast item containing proteins, fibres, vitamins and minerals. The ‘multigrain’ values fill up several deficiencies of your body.

Corporate Contact
Head Office
Novo Tower, Level-14, 270 Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka