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Savlon First used during Surgical Procedures

20 Different SKUs with 8 Different Variants

Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Effect and Moisturizer that Ensures Smooth Skin


Savlon started its journey internationally under ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) many decades back. In 1992, ICI then sold its rights to local management, now known as ACI Limited. From then onwards, Savlon has been present in households across the country.

Savlon Active hand wash has anti-bacterial cleansing effect and moisturizer that ensures smooth skin.

Savlon was first used for the cleaning and disinfection of skin during surgical procedures. Savlon contains two active ingredients, Cetrimide and Chlorhexidine Gluconate in two products form Liquid Antiseptic & Antiseptic Cream .These agents were discovered and first developed by Imperial Chemical Industries. Due to the presence of these two active ingredients, Savlon has been trusted around the world to help clean wounds caused by cuts, abrasion, burns and insect bites.


Savlon began its journey into Personal Care in 1998 with Savlon Active Hand wash. From 2010, Savlon hand wash started introducing different variants under its umbrella. Currently this category has 20 different SKUs with 8 different variants. It has anti-bacterial cleansing effect and moisturizer that ensures smooth skin.

Savlon launched its antiseptic bar soap line in 2003 with one variant i.e. Active. Currently Savlon is offering three distinct variants i.e. Active, Fresh & Mild. In addition, two new categories are also present under Savlon Soap - Savlon Sports and Savlon Men. Both the soaps are the first of their kind to get presented in the personal care arena in Bangladesh. Savlon soap is a trustworthy & reliable antiseptic soap that kills maximum amounts of germs with extra care of skin.


Below categories are available under Savlon brand.

Category Available Variants Available Pack Sizes
Savlon Hand Wash Active, Aloe Vera, Ocean Blue, Marigold, Lavender, Irish Chrysanthemum, Strawberry & Vanilla 5 ltr, 1 ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml, 200 ml
Savlon Soap Active, Fresh, Mild, Men & Sports 125gm, 100gm, 75gm & 35gm
Savlon Bandage Savlon Antiseptic Bandage, Savlon Kid’s Bandage 100s, 40s
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