Agrolinks Trading

Dr. F.H. Ansarey has been Promoted to Managing Director and CEO of ACI Motors Limited, ACI Agrolink Limited, Premiaflex Plastics Limited, ACI Agribusinesses

Agrolinks Trading

ACI Agrolink has a cost effective solution for the agricultural advancement of the country. This sub unit of ACI Agribusiness assists farmers by providing the necessary market linkage, technological and advisory services when required.

ACI Agrolink Limited,a subsidiary of ACI Limited, aims to establish forward and backward linkage for farmers and agro value addition industry. ACI Agrolink Limited is positioning the business throughpenetrating into integrated safe food category and tapping intoglobal trade operation that would promote an efficient distribution channel for safe and healthy food for the consumers of Bangladesh.

We have already established a unique forward market point for fish called ‘Fisharbour’ in Mohammadpur to provide guaranteed, safe and hygienic fish.

Enriching life through appropriate intervention in agriculture value chain to ensure food safety and nutrition security in Bangladesh.


Endeavour to attain an efficient & sustainable market linkage to create wealth for farmers.

Forward Market Point

ACI has rooted a significant contribution to the betterment of national food industry through many businesses. As an extension to this progress ACI Agrolink Limited aims to establish forward market point throughpenetrating into integrated safe food categorythat would promote an efficient distribution channel for safe and healthy fruits, vegetables and fishfor the consumers of Bangladesh. As part of the initiation ACI Agrolink Ltd hasalready established a unique forward market point for fish called ‘Fisharbour’ in Mohammadpur to provide guaranteed, safe and hygienic fish.To ensure farmers wealth creation and sustainable forward market linkage ACI Fisharbour would create new safe food dimension for the people of this country.


ACI Agrolink Limited has opened a new horizon in export business. With a strong commitment of quality products, ACI Agrolink Limited is exporting agricultural products to international market besides serving domestic consumers. The business is working according to Fair Trade Principles. ACI Agrolink ensures the proper handling/ shipping techniques and transportation requirements including chain of custody and cold chains; which are maintained for the distribution of various agro products. The existing export destinations of our fresh vegetables & other agro products such as sesame seed, castor seed, soyabean seed, turmeric are China, Malaysia, Turkey, Taiwan, Vietnam and UK. Exporting commodities are a result to open markets for Bangladeshi agro products in local and international market.


ACI Agrolink buys a wide range of crops including, wheat, maize, dry fish, for production of healthy animal feed. The business supply’s quality feed ingredients for production of healthy animal feed and also intends to produce various agricultural crops through contract growers, preserve their crops in warehouses and cold storages to market them. ACI Agrolink is planning to initiate new grain varieties such as rice, ginger, lentils, mustard, chilli. rice bran oil, broken rice, fish meal & oil to the portfolio that would eventually help to develop sustainable and necessary market linkage for animal feed industry.At the same time ACI Agrolink is exploring further opportunities for bulk trading of agro-commodities that would allow the business to aspire on creating value for both farmers and customers.

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