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Crop Care & Public Health

ACI Crop Care is one of the most renowned names and leading agro chemical formulator and supplier of Bangladesh. It has been about two decades since CC&PH has started the journey at 1996; and since then contributing to the growth of country's agriculture sector and marked a huge footprint in the industry by showing quality and innovation. ACI Crop Care helps farmers protecting their crops from diseases, insects and weeds and thereby increases farm production through appropriate use of pesticides. CC&PH is providing a complete range of cost effective solution for the farmers through formulating and marketing insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and miticides.

Crop Care is also marketing environment friendly 'Bio-pesticides' to the conscious farmers, which is a newest addition to its product line. Being a socially responsible company ACI Crop Care promotes the proper use of pesticide and makes people conscious about health issues for the sake of farmers as well as the whole country. ACI Crop Care is committed to fulfill the growing food demand of the country by modernizing agriculture and increasing productivity through modern technology expansion, training and field supervision.

CC & PH have total seven product portfolios as follows:

  1. Herbicide
  2. Fungicide
  3. Liquid Insecticide
  4. Granular Insecticide
  5. Powder Insecticide
  6. Sulphur and others
  7. Bio-pesticides
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